Nunofelt Basics: Method to Product

This is a two-day workshop in which we will learn the fundamental steps to create a textural fabric. Day 1:  Students will experiment with fabrics and methods to achieve a variety of texture effects. Day 2:  Students will create a nunofelt scarf, shrug or wrap.


April 26-27, 2014 9-4pm
Cost: $255, Material Fee: $40

Location: Pacific Northwest Art School, Coupeville WA

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Following is a sample of classes offered previously in my studio. If you are interested in one of these classes, or have an idea for something you would like to learn, grab a friend and send me an email. It only takes two to make a class go.

Felt Scuff Slippers

Sometimes the best kind of slipper is the kind you can scoot into quickly to scuff around the house. Make several pair for guests who leave their shoes at your front door. These slippers have no heel, they are a backless scuff.

In this workshop, students will make a pattern based on their own foot, felt one pair of slippers, then adjust the pattern as necessary to make the slippers wider or longer and felt a second pair.


Class length: 4 hours
Cost: $65 | Class size: min 2, max 6 students

Put a Bird In It

A birdhouse is a simple vessel with lots of potential. While learning the basics of creating a shaped, three-dimensional piece of felt from a flat pattern, explore the embellishment possibilities. Add a perch, a pocket, a loop or a hanger.


Class length: 4 hours
Cost: $65 | Class size: min 2, max 8 students

Setting the Table


Learn how to felt a coaster, a trivet or a placemat. Starting with a small piece of sturdy felt, add geometric shapes and color layers before felting into a solid and dense piece of felt.

Class length: 4 hours
Cost: $65 | Class size: min 2, max 4 students

Funky Felt Hats


Simple forms steamed, pressed and pinched into funky shapes. Learn the steps to create a dynamic hood with endless potential; leave with a hat sure to turn heads.

Class length: 4 hours
Cost: $65 | Class size: min 2, max 8 students

Treasure Pouches

Felt a tiny pouch to carry your treasures. Learn how to make a felt strap, a pocket and a flap to keep it all tucked inside. This is a perfect class for an adult and child to take together. Learn the method then take it home to make more projects.


Class length: 3 hours
Cost: $50 adults, $15 per child |Class size: min 2, max 8


10 thoughts on “Classes

  1. This sounds so enticing. Wish I could be there. Wish I could have another life to explore such creative outlets.
    I am so proud of you. Mom

  2. Great site! I’ve been interested in learning needle felting and wet felting for some time. Been doing lots of research and feel a great way to start may be with your help. Will you write me about your fees. I’m not so concerned about creating specific projects– more interested in learning techniques and starting off on the right foot. I’m artist and a quick learner. Thank you! Leah

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  4. I would love to have a lesson in felting. I’ve been learning on my own, but without much success. Weekends always work best for me.


  5. I am the President of the WI Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts. I am also our educational coordinator. I am looking for instructors for 2012..would you be interested in coming to our museum and teaching your craft? Please contact me via email if you are will have the new educational facility available in August of this year!

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  7. I have recently seen a scarf made with the nuno method. I would love to learn how to do it. Where are you located? Is the August class still open?

    Thank you

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