bowling.jpgRaised in Vancouver, BC, attended university in Montreal, volunteered in Haiti for 18 months, moved to Seattle for love and work, left work for babylove, started down the craftpath when we decided it would be cheaper to make our own wedding invitations (ha!) and haven’t looked back.

Now I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to charm my husband and children into loving the crafts that capture my imagination so we can spend all our time and money using our hands together. If you’re interested in reading more about the early years and my path, I wrote an article for Beams and Struts  called “Becoming an Artist on a Mother’s Schedule“. Lorraine Edmonds, a member of the Surface Design Association, wrote a member spotlight for the Washington Chapter here.

In 2007, I turned my passion for feltmaking into a business. You can find SpiderFelt on Etsy, in several retail locations around Seattle, and teaching classes at Spark Studio in the BallardWorks building. Our doors are wide open for the 2nd Saturday Ballard Artwalk, but if you feel the need to talk fiber on a Tuesday morning, just send me a message and I will be happy to accommodate.

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  1. I’m so inspired by your tagline “Create every day.” For me right now, it is, find some time for *me* every day. Sometimes it is just a walk, creating is down the line somewhere! But my creativity is there, percolating, and being fed by your beautiful projects. So someday, I’ll start my own parents group to make candles…or…gardening at each other’s houses…or…baking … or

  2. Hi there,

    I’m extremely interested in the Wednesday felting workshops. I’d love to learn more and see if space is available. I know they started 10/3. I’m pretty handy with my hands…if that makes a difference:)

    Thanks for this great website.

  3. Dear leah:

    It is just lovely the work that you do. Guess what I like to make creative work for my baby, my friends and also some special events. I have always had the desire of having my own store. I hope some day to have it.
    Best wishes.

  4. Hi Leah,

    I came across your lovely felted soaps while doing the Georgetown art walk this week, and got your card. I’m a soapmaker hobbyist with TONS of extra soap. I don’t know if you make the soap that goes into your felted ones. If you do, never mind–but if you don’t, would you be interested in a trade or something?


  5. HI!!!!!!
    My mom just told me about your new business. How exciting for you. I have been sending Christmas cards the past two years that have come back to me. I am so happy to have your info again. Look how beautiful you are and your gorgeous family…wow! I’d love to be in touch.

    Love, Jen

  6. Love your website – I’d be interested in bartering with Zia!! Please visit my website
    I also work with felting, wool & alpaca products and sell some felted soaps (felting around a bar of soap). I do much of my felting in the washer and then needle felting, but really want to get better at hand processing my felt, too. I made some cute little purses – you have to try this – I took a whiffle ball – a practice baseball with holes in it – I covered it with white wool, then various colors of wool and stuck it all in a knee high stocking and tied it off tightly so the wool would not shift – then threw it in the washer and let it go through a cycle with my jeans load. Pulled it out after, took it out of the stocking, cut a slit to remove the ball and had a wonderful form for a small purse. I put stiching around the edges with beads and some floof and a cute little floofy yarn braided handle and a bead with a strand of yarn for closure – HOW CUTE! HOW EASY!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas – You have my mind going – will have to work on some felting.
    Rambling Rose Alpaca Ranch & Lambkin Woolery Fiber Art Studio

  7. Hi Leah,

    I own an independent shoe store, STRUT, on 75th and Greenwood Ave N. A customer came in wearing one of your beautiful scarves and days later a different customer gave me your contact info. Would love to meet with you to discuss possibly consigning in my store.

    Kind regards,

  8. Hello Leah,

    I know there are no coincidences in life so I won’t bore you with how I found you however, I was looking at your crafts and then saw your connection to Haiti. Of course I am Haitian and of course, I’ve been trying to connect with someone that would be willing to share with me opportunities to use my jersey company to send support and love to Haiti.

    SO if you are so inclined at all to connect, I would love to have a convversation with you about this. My email address is

    Be well!!


  9. Your worms for sale endeavor reminded me of when I was a kit visiting my aunt and uncle in Watertown, New York back in the 40s. My uncle set me up in business on his front lawn selling night crawlers to vacationers. I’d love to have a picture of myself doing that just as you have of your kids. Unfortunately, none was taken.

    Would you consider allowing me to use it in my fledgling internet marketing consultancy? I’d like to make the point that in some ways marketing has changed. However, in some ways it stays the same, i.e. building trust.

    I don’t have much budget for this sort of thing, but I’d be willing to fund the raw materials for next summer’s lemonade business.


    • I appreciate your sentiment, and the respect you show by asking for my permission to use this photo. Without a personal relationship to you or your business, I don’t feel comfortable allowing the use of a family photo in this way.

  10. This is the best tutorial blog I’ve ever seen! I’ve been needle felting for about a year, but nothing like what you’ve shown. I haven’t felted by hand yet. I don’t know why… Perhaps the cost of supplies. You’ve given my much inspiration to try now! By the way, nice family. Adorable kids!

  11. hello leah,

    I thank you for the comment on my blog and for the nice inspiration on felting you provide here.
    I am felting with local people in Morocco and your work is a great source of new ideas for us:
    why don’t you blog here anymore? I am looking forward to read more about your life and creativity.
    hope you are well…
    xxx itto

    • It is my hope to begin posting again soon, but my family has needed my attention most recently. Their demands ebb and flow. Currently we are in a time of high ebb. Thank you for your encouragement. It helps to know that someone is looking for new material.

  12. Hey, did a search on Twitter for Salmon Bay school where I found your latest post about being the mayor (!)- I just went on a tour of the school today and am looking to see if anyone had a page about car-pooling to the school, since we live in the Bryant/ University of WA area along with some other families who may end up at the school.
    Interesting when I went the open house a couple of weeks ago (a month ago?), I thought it was a great omen that a parent volunteer was wearing a gorgous felted scarf!
    I love felting, did a full time week of nuno felting; which they call filzen (dying roving and wet felting wool into silk chiffon) about 5 years ago at an art school in Lienz Austria, where my MIL lives. I would love to find a place to do this craft again, I have often thought about doing something…love working with fibre in that way. Beautiful stuff, bravo!

  13. I know this is an old blog and may not reach you, wonder who the man in lacy is who sells the bees wax, i am hosting a fall family festival in rainier wa this sept, and we want to offer bees wax candle making for the kids??

  14. Hello,

    I have been searching for either a kit or a detailed pattern of how to make a felted geode pincushion. Can you help me?? I will be happy to pay for either.

    Thanks, Eileen

  15. Hi, I saw that Linda Kjarstad was associated with this site. I am trying to determine if this is the Linda Kjarstad who used to be a massage therapist in Seattle. Can you let me know? Thanks. I would like to get in touch with her.

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