Old Trees

Standing around chatting with a parent at our preschool this Saturday, I happened to whip out my checkbook sporting a slightly botched, very stretched needle felted checkbook cover with this design. My friend had been giving me advice because I was wearing these two numbers, and she thought I should start selling my work. When I whipped out the checkbook to show her my latest idea, she immediately asked me to make one for her husband, something a little more manly.  


The tree motif was Lance’s idea of something manly. I was so excited when I got to her house to turn it over, that I forgot to set the macro focus on my camera, so these pictures are the best of a bad set.


Pacific Fabrics sells clear vinyl printed with butterflies, frogs and flip flops for $4.99/yd. I bought 12″ of two different patterns, plenty for many more checkbook covers. Thanks for setting me off in the right direction, Sue. I love running into you on the street.

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