F is for Flower

How long can I run this theme? There are a lot of single word ideas piling up in my head.

After months and months in development, testing, trials, comments and revisions, I’ve finally finished a WetFelt Flower Kit.


Materials included in this kit are sufficient to create three large flowers with stems: 1.5 oz merino, 12″ square of tulle and 12″ square of bubblewrap, photo instructions and an online photo tutorial.


Thank you to the kit testers who helped enormously in the refining stages of this kit. My hat tips as I do a deep curtsy to Lora Shinn for the gorgeous photos she took on a very grey day in March.


*Edit: This kit will is now for sale in my Etsy shop; for crafters who have materials on hand, the tutorial is available for purchase as a pdf.

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