Fraternal Twin Socks

Hello Readers,

Sorry to have neglected this blog for so long. I have to say that discipline has never been my strongest suit, so when habits slip away (blogging, jogging, flossing), months can go by before I realize how much I missed those markers of time passing.

I’ve recently discovered the Doubleknit podcast, created by Jessica and Erin, Seattle knitters who happen to work at my neighborhood yarn store.  Each episode they discuss finished projects, new projects, as well as good books and movies they’ve seen recently. Their conversations are relaxed and chatty, while also serving to point out new ideas in the fiber world that have escaped my distracted notice ( (forgive me, knitting has been low on my list of daily activities).

As Jessica noted in one of the early podcasts, it is important to keep life in perspective, both in terms of the hooray moments and learning opportunities. Today’s lesson will be about dye lots.

Exhibit A: two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in the Baltic colorway


Notice the different shades and the color repeats. I started with two skeins, but lost one on an airplane and when I returned to buy another skein, they no longer had the same dye lot. How different could they be, I wondered. Plenty. The sock on the left has more pronounced brown segments with narrow bits of blue, while the sock on the right has very little outright brown and the colors are overall more balanced.


Lovely socks to wear with jeans, not so lovely to wear with skirts as I intended. I really wanted a pair of mid-calf socks to wear with swingy skirts, but not only do the colors look odd, but my gauge was different so one sock can be pulled nicely up to my mid-calf while the other strangles my circulation, so mostly slouches around my ankle.

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