A Muse By Another Name

Happy camera day…happy camera play. My fantastic cousin-in-law and photographer extraordinaire, Joanna Puza, let me play with her Lensbaby Muse at a family bbq in August.

I love the motion implied by the shots.

The blur turns something personal, a family gathering, into something more generic and universal.

While I’ve heard the criticism that some people feel dizzy looking at the distortion in the pictures, I love the way the focal area highlights a detail in a picture.

I love the way it makes something totally ordinary suddenly extraordinary.

Cherry Spring

Words fail me when I try to describe the orgasm of blossoms on our cherry tree every March.  Standing in our kitchen, the tree monopolizes the view, though I don’t hear anyone complaining. The riot of blossoms is breathtaking, really better left to the camera.

Friday Wanderings

A day off school and a new consignment delivery inspired me to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island last Friday.

We started the afternoon with a brisk walk around the Bloedel Reserve. Wandering around the 150 acre property, we admired many textures, patterns and colors.

It was a feast for the eyes, a breath of fresh air and a reprieve for the ears.

Thanks to Habit of Art for the gorgeous post on her trip to Seattle. Her photography inspired this montage.

Stepping Out

My camera and tripod went on field trip last week to photograph the work of Roberta Torgerson, artist and Italian teacher. Her modern home was the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.


While the goal was to capture her mohair scarves for a new blog, I couldn’t resist letting my lens wander around the house.


Paintings, pillows, teardrop vases were irrestible props.


Roberta seemed surprised when I entered with my tripod, though I can’t imagine going anywhere without it since the best photos seem to come with the least light.


Her scarves were as light as a feather and as soft as the down on a newborn baby. Knitting with mohair leaves me crying for mercy, but I’m glad someone else enjoys it because these pieces are gorgeous.